We call upon all persons who care for justice and truth to join in the campaign to demonstrate the innocence, overthrow the conviction, and secure the release from prison of Glyn Razzell.


“This year starts with a glimmer of hope.  My legal team are preparing a fresh application to the CCRC based on a new expert opinion about the blood.  They have been able to show that some of the evidence presented by the prosecution was ‘fundamentally flawed’ due to mistakes in the interpretation of forensic tests.  The odds are stacked heavily against me but at least things are moving forward again.”

Glyn Razzell

The Case

On the 14th November 2003 at Bristol Crown Court, Glyn Razzell was wrongly convicted of murdering his estranged wife Linda.

The British Justice system is supposed to be one of the best in the world…

“Innocent until proven guilty”. The burden of proof in criminal cases is supposed to be “beyond all reasonable doubt”. This case contains much conflicting evidence but it is clear that Glyn Razzell could not have abducted and murdered his estranged wife.

We invite you to review the case for yourself and make your own mind up as to whether yet another miscarriage of justice has taken place. We are sure that after reviewing the case you will agree that this conviction is unsafe.

… contrary to popular perceptions, wrongful criminal convictions are not an intermittent high profile phenomenon but a normal, everyday feature of the criminal justice system… the system doesn’t just sometimes get it wrong, it gets it wrong every day of every week of every month of every year.