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We have yet again been let down by our British Justice System

Below is a brief summary of the real reasons why our appeal was dismissed.

Our original leave to appeal was denied in March 2004.

Since then, the supporters of Glyn Razzell have been working very hard appointing new solicitors and a new expert who we are hoping will bring to light new evidence to cast doubt on the forensic evidence given at trial.

Unfortunately, the police have been less than helpful with essential information, and this has delayed our expert by months.

We were expecting to apply to the court later this year.

A month ago, our original trial barrister wrote to the Court of Appeal without our knowledge, withdrawing any involvement in our forthcoming appeal. The reasons behind this are still unknown.

This action then triggered the Court of Appeal to list our leave to appeal hearing on the March 5th, 2005, months before it was due. Our new barrister attended the hearing and asked for an adjournment in order to give our expert time to complete his report. The hearing was adjourned until March 11th, 2005. Unfortunately, the Court of Appeal then took the very unreasonable approach that they wouldn’t wait for our new expert to complete his report, and that the hearing had to take place now. Not surprisingly, the appeal was rejected.

We find it totally unbelievable that our appeal court are forcing cases to appeal before they are ready, knowing full well they will fail.

Once again, our British Justice System has let us down, but this does not mean we will be giving up.

The only route now available to Glyn is through the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission), where they will be able to review the whole case and review the new evidence we hope our expert will uncover. Unfortunately, the current waiting list for a case to be looked at is 19 months.

Despite this recent blow, we are aware that most appeals that are eventually successful are initially refused leave at this stage. Examples include Sally Clark, Sion Jenkins, and the Birmingham Six.

The supporters of Glyn Razzell are determined to see justice done and will carry on the fight.