Case Overview

Items in italics are what, for one reason or another, the jury did not hear.


Linda Razzell disappeared on the 19 March 2002 after dropping her children off at school & driving into Swindon town centre where she worked at the college. Her car was parked in its usual place in Alvescott Road, Swindon and her mobile phone was found by some garages in an alley nearby. Blood, DNA matched to Linda was eventually discovered in the boot of a car used by Linda’s estranged husband Glyn Razzell on the day that Linda disappeared. The car underwent 2 forensic examinations & no traces of blood were found. It was only on the 3rd attempt that blood was discovered. Glyn was charged and convicted of Linda’s murder.

Glyn has always maintained his innocence and no body has been found.

Police officers acted contrary to the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984

Police suspected Glyn from the onset but contrary to PACE, questioned him without a caution or legal advice, and without taking variable records.

The police arrived at Glyn’s home at 01.00am on the 20 March to search his house and question him on his whereabouts.

Over the next 2 days Glyn spent 17 hours with officers at his home trying to piece together Linda’s background. Glyn believed he was helping the police with their enquires. However, his statement was later used in court against him.

Within days it became apparent that Glyn was the main suspect for Linda’s disappearance. Thereafter, the Police appeared to be focused solely on building a case around Glyn, and seemed to have forgotten they were meant to be looking for a missing person. Despite this, Glyn continued to help the Police in every way he could until he was arrested on suspicion of Linda’s murder.

On the 17 May 2002 Glyn Razzell was charged with the murder of Linda Razzell.

On the 14 November 2003 Glyn Razzell was convicted of the murder of Linda Razzell.

Investigations to prove Glyn’s alibi were bungled

Alongside 2 police officers, Glyn retraced the walk he had taken the morning Linda disappeared, enabling the police to note down all the CCTV cameras on his route that could potentially give Glyn an alibi, including cameras on Westlea Police Station. 3 cameras covered Glyn’s route; 2, including the police station, were not recording, and the 3rd was not seized promptly and consequently the tape was reused and the evidence lost.

Witnesses from a school trip to Lydiard Park, who may have seen Glyn on his walk, were identified in April 2002 but were not contacted until July 2002, 3 months later. Not surprisingly, no-one remembered seeing Glyn.

Another witness who was walking his dog near Lydiard Park wasn’t followed up for more than a year, by then his memory had faded. He remembered seeing a man dressed like Glyn but couldn’t be sure of the date.

Actions taken to find Linda’s body

Extensive police searches took place to locate a body, using divers, heat seeking equipment and dogs.

The Police searched over 200 locations including all the places known to Glyn in the Swindon area. They had identified areas by soil samples from Glyn’s car tyres, boots & shoes, from maps and from witnesses but no trace of Linda has been found.

Background To Linda’s disappearance

Glyn & Linda separated in August 2000. Divorce proceedings initiated by Linda began in May 2000. The marriage breakdown was caused principally by Linda’s infidelity with builders who were adding an extension on their house in 1998, and the consequences which stemmed from it, including Glyn starting a new relationship in the October of 1999.

The divorce was slow and acrimonious. It was due to conclude in July 2002.

Linda had a history of making false allegations of domestic violence against Glyn which had led to charges, however when the court heard the full facts Glyn was acquitted. Allegations were made just days before key divorce hearings. Subsequently at the hearings Glyn was disadvantaged by the allegations pending which were used by Linda’s solicitors to wrongly attack Glyn’s character. No allegations of violence or misconduct had ever been made against Glyn until the divorce started.

Linda has a long history of mental illness and has been a patient at Goodmayes Mental Hospital in Essex and Seymour Clinic Psychiatric Unit in Swindon.

There are 4 children from the marriage aged 7,11,13 and 16 who have been estranged from Glyn since the separation.

Linda had become extremely bitter towards Glyn because of his new relationship.

Linda was in a new relationship at the time she disappeared with her best friends husband, which had started a year earlier. But friends commented that Linda did not see this as “long term”.

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