Case Overview

The Blood

The Crown’s main piece of evidence was that blood identified through DNA as Linda Razzell’s, was found in the boot, and a small smear on the passenger footwell mat of the Renault Laguna Glyn had used on the day Linda disappeared.

Superficially this sounds like a very strong piece of evidence, but when examined closely there are many inconsistencies as outlined below:-

Glyn only had the car in question from the afternoon on the 18 March until the evening of the 19 March 2002. Linda was reported missing on the evening of the 19 March 2002.

The car was first forensically tested for blood on the 20 March after Police came to Glyn’s house in the early hours of the 20 March & Glyn had told them that he was using the Laguna on the 19 March 2002. He also told them whose car it was.

Police forensic officers checked the car using intensive light treatment. The Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO) took 40 minutes on the Laguna using 4 different techniques and found no sign of blood or recent cleaning.

On the 21 March the car was taken away to a special bay in a Police garage. A full scene of crime forensic examination was done, tapings & swabs were taken. 2 officers spent 5 hours working on the car. All results were negative. No hair, skin or blood was found. The car was given back to the owner.

The owner then gave the car a thorough clean as it had finger print powder on it. He cleaned the boot but did not notice any marks.

There is confusion over when the footwell mats were taken out. The police said the mats were taken out after their second inspection on 21 March 02, and produced documentary evidence, but in court the owner of the car said he was sure that the front mats were still in the car when it was returned to him on the 24 March 02. This gives a wider timescale on when the blood could have been planted.

On the 28 March 02 the car was seized by Police again, it was only at this time that blood was detected using a chemical test called Luminol. Blood was found in the boot & a small mark on the passengers footwell mat. It is inconceivable that if it had been there earlier it could have been missed. The defence believe the blood was deliberately planted, (probably after the second examination) to incriminate Glyn.

Forensic scientists have said that there are heavy blood stains which are visible to the naked eye. Was it really missed during the 2 previous thorough forensic examinations? and why do none of the swabs or tapings taken during the 2nd examination show blood.

There is no blood on the driving controls or the door handle of the car. If the abduction took place in the alley there would have been no time to clean your hands or change your clothes before driving off.

There is no blood on the boot lip

The prosecution scientist said it would be highly likely the assailant would have had blood stained clothes. All Glyn’s clothes have been tested and they all came back negative for any blood, skin or hair relating to Linda.

There were no hairs, skin, clothing fibres or fingerprints matching to Linda in the car.

There are 7 samples of unknown DNA found in the car that could not be identified, and do not match any of the people known to have used the car. Police took elimination DNA samples from each of the people who had been passengers in the car from a list provided by the car’s owner.

No blood or any other forensic evidence relating to Linda was found at Glyn’s house or on anything else seized from Glyn. Even the waste traps, which were taken from the bath, sinks and washing machine, came up negative.

On the evening of 19 March, Glyn Razzell’s girlfriend sat in the passenger side of the car & put her handbag down on the spot where the blood was eventually found. The handbag & shoes have been tested and no blood was found on them.

The Crown claim that the blood on the footwell mat came from gloves or a weapon being thrown onto it from the drivers side.

If this was the case, the blood would have been more central on the mat or nearer to the passenger door. The blood mark is on the far right of the footwell mat nearest to the centre of the car. If an object was thrown or dropped, ergonomic tests show it couldn’t have landed where the mark was found without also brushing the side, but no blood stains were found on the side.

After reading this evidence you still have to ask yourself the question “If Glyn is innocent what happened to Linda”?

We have 2 possible explanations to this question, there may be others.

1 She went of her own free will, with or without the help of a third party

2 A third party was involved in abducting her against her will

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