Case Overview

Evidence that Linda planned her own disapearance

Linda cleaned out her car the weekend before she disappeared. This was the first time she had done this. DNA from an unknown male was subsequently found in the car. This man was never identified.

A photo of Glyn’s rented home was loaded onto Linda’s home PC 2 days before she went missing. Linda had never lived at this address.

Linda’s boyfriend visited Glyn’s next door neighbour asking for information on Glyn a week before she disappeared.

Linda and her boyfriend visited 3 different banks in Swindon the day before she disappeared. CCTV shows money was being withdrawn.

The day before Linda disappeared she visited Glyn’s bank claiming to want to pay money in and obtained information about Glyn’s account by deception.

Linda gained an order to freeze Glyn’s bank accounts a few days before she disappeared.

On the morning Linda went missing her children reported her being much calmer than normal. Usually she would be very stressed in the mornings, especially as one of the children had lost their homework and that had made them late. Linda would have been 15-20 minutes late for work on the day she disappeared.

Her children reported that Linda said goodbye in a different way that morning, saying just “goodbye” rather than “see you at 5.00” like she normally did.

Linda was issued with a staff identify badge for working at the college which should be worn at all times in work. The badge was found in a drawer at her home.

Linda has 2 mobile phones, one for normal use and one as an emergency phone number for her children. The emergency phone was left at her home on the day she disappeared.

The calendar at Linda’s home was marked with a question mark on the 19 March, which was apparently drawn on by Linda before she disappeared.

Linda has a long history of mental illness dating back to the late 1970’s. There was evidence to show that these symptoms were coming back. The children reported their mum being very upset a lot of the time and going off on her own not wanting the children to hug her. She had been prescribed anti-depressants but was not taking them.

Linda has disappeared before but took the children each time.

The address of the Official Residence of the Ambassador of Burundi, Africa was found on a note book at Linda’s home. Linda was friendly with a couple whose husband had worked on aid projects in Burundi and Linda had helped him with the language. Burundi is French speaking.

Analysis of Linda’s home computer showed that internet sites that deal with cheap flights were looked at shortly before she disappeared.

Linda is a fluent French speaker and had lived in Paris for a year. She loved to visit France on holidays.

Linda is an avid reader of crime novels. At the time of her disappearance she was three quarters of the way through Trial & Retribution 3. This novel contains descriptions of police methods when dealing with a murder investigation and the plot features a body in a boot of a car, and planting evidence to incriminate somebody.

Linda had financial problems and was behind with mortgage payments, maintenance payments from Glyn had stopped because he had been made redundant.

Linda was having problems at work, and was reported to be confrontational. She had to be spoken to by a senior member of staff, and was moved from one class because of her conduct with the students, and a clash with the tutor.

A long standing friend of Linda’s claims she saw her in a silver fiesta driving through Highworth the day after she disappeared. She said Linda looked cross to see her. The Police believe she was mistaken and have tried to discredit her. Extensive police enquires at the DVLA involving 70 small silver hatchbacks, and checks every Wednesday for 3 months for a car and driver matching the description have failed to trace them. This leaves only one conclusion, and that is that the witness was correct, and she did see Linda on the 20 March 02. The day after she disappeared.

There are at least 3 sightings of Linda in Weston-Super-Mare, one as recently as the summer of 2003.

There were 2 sighting in Wales, one at a café and one with another man hitching a lift not far from the café.

Linda was going through a very long and difficult divorce.

She was extremely bitter towards Glyn because of his new relationship.

The Police searched over 200 locations, including all the places known to Glyn in the Swindon area. They had identified areas by soil samples taken from Glyn’s car tyres, boots and shoes, from maps and from witnesses, but no trace of Linda has been found.

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