Case Overview

3rd Party Involvment?

A women thought to be Linda was sighted in January 2002 kissing another man in a pub car park in Stratton. The man had a beige car. The description of the man does not match her boyfriend. Was there someone else?

At 8.30am on the 19 March a beige car with a man sitting in the driver’s side was sighted near to where Linda parks her car. Despite extensive police enquires the car and driver have not been traced.

A beige car and a red Ford Escort (Linda drives a red Escort) were sighted at 6:50 AM at junction 16 of the M4 in a lay-by on 19 March 2002.

A witness claimed in court that she saw Linda’s boyfriend on the 19 March 2002 sat on a wall in Queen’s park at around 9:30 AM. Queen’s park is near to the road that Linda parks her car, she would have to walk through this park to get to work.

Phone records show that Linda’s boyfriend was not where he said he was on the day that Linda disappeared. There are 3 occasions when his phone used masts away from where he claimed to be. This was identified using cell site analysis. He was not cross examined about this at the time for legal reasons.

Linda’s boyfriend had been monitoring Glyn’s movements during the 2 weeks before Linda vanished, one example is when he knocked on Glyn’s next door neighbour pretending that he thought this was Glyn’s house, & asking if Glyn still lived there.

Linda’s boyfriend knew that Glyn had used the Laguna on the 19 March 02 when he was questioned by Police on Wednesday 20 March 02.

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