Finding Linda

Each year 210,000 people go missing. According to the Home Office figures, most have no intention of ever returning. 10,000 of these are reported to the National Missing Persons helpline.

  • Linda Razzell née Davies
  • Aged 43
  • 5 ft slim build
  • Slight Welsh accent
  • Dark, curly hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Fluent French speaker
  • Likely to be living under an assumed name

“One well-known case was that of John Stonehouse, Post Master General in the 1974 Labour Government, who disappeared while swimming off a beach in Miami, Florida. His clothes were recovered, but no trace of his body was found. He was later found living in Australia under a false passport, where he had fled to escape financial and domestic problems at home after faking his death.”

– Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor – Ghost Nation: The Independent, 6th March 2003 page 3.

If you have any information which could help us find Linda please contact us on 07749 288345 or e-mail us at

The supporters of Glyn Razzell are offering a reward of £5,000 (GBP) to any persons who can prove to the British Police that Linda is alive and well, or was alive any time after 19th March 2002 (contradicting The Crown’s version of events). If your evidence is substantiated, this reward will be payable upon the release of Glyn Razzell.